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Crashed quartz #9

Crashed quartz #9

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Stone name: Artificial crystal
Size: W6.0 x D3.1 x H1.5cm

Cracks are due to crush processing. Cracks like this appear when you heat a crystal with an alcohol lamp, and when it reaches a certain high temperature, place it in cold water to cool it down quickly.
The way in which cracks form differs slightly depending on the timing of rapid cooling of the crystal.

Canna Oshiro

After working as an assistant of prop and decorations for commercial films, Canna Oshiro studied under Yukio Shimizu who is the first class gem polisher/cutter, and creates loose by the traditional technique of “tesuri” being inherited in Kofu district.

Concentrating on to expressing dynamics and randomness of the work by human hand, facet produced by the unique rhymes educes natural taste of gem which is different from the one from the conventional stylized cut.

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