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Contemporary fine jewelry brand from Barcelona, ​​Spain
“MISUI” will be available for a limited time on the 1st floor of the main building of Isetan Shinjuku Store = Accessories/Promotion.

Designs created by five contemporary artists active in the jewelry world,
Including gem-cut Moonsteiner
MISUI jewelry is made using world-class technology.

Marc Monzo, who has won numerous design awards,
Designed with a focus on baguette-cut diamonds
LIGHT/BEAM collection (photo TOP),
Using Moonsteiner's natural stone, which has beautiful artistic jewelry carvings and beautiful shapes.
The KLAR collection designed by Estela Guitart is a must-see.

In addition, Noon Pasama's silver collection etc.
We also offer jewelry that will become fashion icons.

On Saturday, November 9th, the creative director/designer of “MISUI”
Mark Monzo will be making a special visit.

Spain, a country of art that has produced many original artists since ancient times, is proud of
Don't miss this opportunity to see the culmination of a modern, sophisticated approach to jewelry.

✏︎Creative Director/Designer Marc Monzo visits the store

Saturday, November 9, 2019 14:00-16:00
*Schedule may change without notice.

✏︎ About MISUI

"MISUI" is located in Barcelona, ​​Spain and has a history of 179 years.
This is the in-house brand of Unión Suiza, a long-established brand of high jewelry and branded watches.

The current owner, Davi Bendrell, is the sixth generation of the founding family, the Bendrell family.
As a cutting-edge approach that respects the history and tradition of jewelry in Catalonia, Spain,
It was founded with Joanne Gomis as the brand director.

In addition to the designs that embody the modern value of gemstones and jewelry through outstanding technology,
As a sustainable initiative that strives to be environmentally friendly and to train jewelry technicians,
It has become even more popular in recent years.


November 6, 2019 (Wednesday) - November 12, 2019 (Tuesday) 10:00-20:00

Isetan Shinjuku Store Main Building 1st Floor = Accessories/Promotions
Add. 3-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Tel. 03-3352-1111
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