Talk to the sea – fua accessory Exhibition guest artist masako nakagawa

2019.5.9 thu. -12 sun. & 5.16 thu. -19 sun.
During exhibitions, business days are Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

“The mirror surface of the sea has a soft light and shines like scales.
A gentle sea scene shared with those who see it.
For me, who had never been aware of the ocean, the photographs and texts that had been carefully woven together, like picking up letters, were like a map that led me to the outside world.

We asked photographer Masako Nakagawa to take some photos and write a story.
I created accessories based on the image I felt from that.

Please take a look at the works that were born from the dialogue between Fua Accessory, who felt the ocean's charm as if it were speaking softly to the quiet waters of the Seto Inland Sea, and Masako, who taught us about the ocean. ”
– fua accessory Kumiko Kimura

We have photographer Masako Nakagawa as our guest artist and have asked her to take photos of the ocean and write a story.
Fua accessory accessories born from that story and Mr. Nakagawa's photo panel will be packed into a "Talk to the sea premium box" and sold in limited quantities.
This is Nakagawa's first time writing a story, but her inspiration continues to expand.
I will also be presenting my novel as part of this project.

We also have a large selection of fua accessory standard products.
There will also be a reception party for the couple on the 9th.
Please come by all means.

2019.5.9 thu. 17:00 - 20:00
Please enjoy the seasonal dishes prepared by chef Yoichiro Aso just for this day.
*Anyone can come.


✏︎fua accessory Kumiko Kimura An accessory brand that creates crocheted ultra-fine gold and silver threads based on the concept of "weaving time." Launched in 2010, it has become a hot topic for its antique-like texture and delicacy. Currently, each piece is carefully made by hand with six weavers. There are no atelier or internet sales, and only face-to-face sales are available at exhibitions.

✏︎Photographer Masako Nakagawa While attending Tsuda College, she studied abroad in California and began photography. He specializes in portraits that capture natural expressions, slices of glowing daily life, and beautiful landscapes. Active in many genres such as magazines, advertisements, and books. People from Japan and abroad visit the photo exhibitions held regularly. Based in Okayama since March 2011, he spends his days traveling both domestically and internationally. In addition to ``Rippling,'' his latest works include photo books ``Shin Sekai,'' ``IMMIGRANTS,'' and ``Dareod.'' This is my first time writing a novel.
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