Special exhibition – Fine Minerals Collection by KAZUTO KAMEDA PEANUTS MINERALS

2023.6.29 thu.- 7.2 sun. & 7.6 thu.- 9 sun.
12:00-18:00 (*Until 17:00 on the last day)
<Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays>

We will be holding an exhibition of the collection of Kazuto Kameda, one of Japan's leading collectors of mineral specimens.

Among the mineral specimens that have been cut out in their natural state, there are some that are intuitively captivating at first glance by the beauty of their shapes, the vividness of their colors, and the uniqueness of the combination of minerals.

These are specimens called "fine minerals," which are miraculously born art of nature, created by the movement of the earth, and Mr. Kameda, one of the few collectors in Japan, specializes in collecting them.

During this period, we also offer natural wine that you can enjoy while admiring the rare crystal beauty. Many of Mr. Kameda's galleries are available, so please take this opportunity to enjoy the world of fine minerals.

*During the period, works by precious stone sculptor Koji Takuma and gemstone polisher Kanna Oshiro will also be exhibited at the same time.

| Date and time of Kazuto Kameda's presence in the gallery
June 29th (Thursday) - July 2nd (Sunday), 8th (Saturday), 9th (Sunday) 13:00 - 18:00

| Reception Party
July 1st (Sat) 13:00-18:00 *Anyone is welcome to visit.

--- Fine mineral collector Kazuto Kameda〈PEANUTS MINERALS〉

PEANUTS MINERALS is a mineral specimen store in Hiroshima whose main members include Kazuto Kameda, one of Japan's leading collectors, and Toma Hamaguchi, a mineral photographer. He is active in online shops, SNS, and mineral events in various places, and compiles the magazines BRUTUS Unusual Minerals 1 and 2 to be released in 2022 and 2023. We have a large collection of fine mineral specimens purchased in Tucson, Arizona, USA, and are highly trusted by enthusiasts. Next year, we plan to open a physical store where you can enjoy mineral specimens and alcohol.

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