prism – 199 Exhibition


2023.5.18 thu. - 21 sun & 5.25 thu. - 28 sun.
12:00-18:00 (*Until 17:00 on the last day)

We will be holding a group exhibition by eight young metalwork jewelry artists.

Hitting, carving, melting, transparent, weaving.

The expressions of metal are limitless, and the artist focuses on them single-mindedly,
Jewelry carefully finished by hand,
Sometimes delicate and fleeting, sometimes bold and powerful,
It has the appearance and presence of an art piece.

Please enjoy the variety of jewelry that shows off a variety of expressions like "prism" at a venue filled with youthful sensibilities and energy.

| Reception Party
Saturday, May 20th 15:00-18:00
*Anyone is welcome to visit.

| Artist in the gallery Mitomo Kumasaka
May 20th (Sat), 21st (Sun), 27th (Sat), 28th (Sun) 15:00~
Akane Soya
May 21st (Sun), 27th (Sat), 28th (Sun) 15:00~
Chihiro Hanayama
May 20th (Sat), 25th (Thu) - 28th (Sun) 15:00~
Kim Hee-sui
May 18th (Thu) 12:00-16:00, 20th (Sat) 15:00-18:00, 25th (Thu), 27th (Sat) 12:00-16:00
Stone Ruining
May 19th (Fri), 20th (Sat), 26th (Fri) - 28th (Sun) 15:00~
May 18th (Thursday), 25th (Thursday), 28th (Sunday) Time to be determined Rio Yamamoto
Thursday, May 25th - Saturday, May 27th
Junying Ren
May 18th (Thursday), 20th (Saturday), 21st (Sunday) Time to be determined



199 Ichikyuu 199 by 8 young metal jewelry artists.
Starting with members Akane Sodani / Chihiro Hanayama / Myu Kumasaka, we will welcome five new members: Kim HeeSoo / Ren JunYing / Rio Yamamoto / Ryo Inkyo / Shi Ruining. We propose art jewelry from various perspectives using metal expressions.

Myu Kumasaka / Mito Kumasaka
Born in Tokyo in 1996. Completed graduate school at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2023. He has developed a wide range of works from jewelry to objects, and will launch 199 in 2021. Currently working as an educational research assistant at Tokyo University of the Arts.
Instagram @myukumasaka

Akane Sodani / Akane Sodani
Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1996. In 2022, completed the Crafts Major (Metal Casting) at the Graduate School of Arts and Crafts, Kanazawa College of Art. In the same year, production began in Kanto. All processes from prototype production to casting and coloring are done by hand.
Instagram @akanesodani

Chihiro Hanayama / Chihiro Hanayama
Born in Ehime Prefecture in 1993. Completed graduate school at Kobe Design University in 2018. He creates works using bacteria and microorganisms as motifs. Currently based in Kobe. He has exhibited his works both domestically and internationally, and has won awards such as the Japan Jewelry Exhibition.
Instagram @nnm135

Kim Heesoo is an artist who expresses a unique sense of warmth by sewing and knitting metal wire. He completed his BFA and MFA in metal crafts at Seoul National University in South Korea, and is currently working on his art while attending a doctoral program at Tokyo University of the Arts in Japan.
Instagram @kim._.heesoo

Shi Ruining / Shi Ruining
Born in China in 1996. Currently enrolled in doctoral course at Tokyo University of the Arts. Interested in the relative relationship between existence and non-existence in his works, he uses the openwork technique to create iron jewelry based on emotional and intellectual exploration elements.
Instagram @rainie_srn

Ryo Inkyo
Born in China in 1988. Currently enrolled in the Department of Metal Engraving at Tokyo University of the Arts. Creates jewelry pieces that use plants as motifs to express tactile sensations. Received the 32nd JJDA Encouragement Award and the 55th Japan Cloisonne Artists Association Chairman's Award.
Instagram @ryo__inkyo

Rio Yamamoto / Rio Yamamoto I create works with an interest in the unexpectedly beautiful expressions hidden in plants and nature. The images of plants and nature captured sensually are projected onto jewelry using pop shapes. Currently based in Kyoto.
Instagram @aiamrio

Ren JunYing / Ren JunYing
Born in Qinhuangdao, China in 1994. Currently enrolled in the doctoral course at Tokyo University of the Arts. Through his photographs and drawings of daily life, he expresses the interactions and contradictions between nature and social human identity.
Instagram @renninjewelry

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