Atmosphere – kayo saito × yumiko miyahama Exhibition

Atmosphere – kayo saito × yumiko miyahama Exhibition

2022.3.31 thu. - 4.3 sun & 4.7 thu. - 10 sun.
13:00-19:00 (*until 5pm on the last day only)

Kayo Saito is a London-based jewelry artist who captures the vitality and fragility of nature in her works without human intervention.
Photographer Yumiko Miyahama travels around Japan to capture the crafts and food that embody the warm lives of people.

We will be holding the first two-person exhibition by two people who have different bases of activity, different subjects for their works, and different methods of expression.

The theme the two of them set for this time was "Atmosphere".

The air that touches the five senses that you suddenly feel in nature,
The unique aura that the object itself contains,
Time and temperature drifting in the landscape.

Although I can't see clearly,
I just feel vaguely there - a presence.

Please enjoy the delicate and profound perspectives of the artists reflected in their jewelry and photographs.

kayo saito × yumiko miyahama Exhibition
Date: March 31st (Thursday) - April 3rd (Sunday) & April 7th (Thursday) - 10th (Sunday), 2022
13:00-19:00 (until 17:00 on the last day)

Date and time when the artist is in the gallery:
Yumiko Miyahama | Thursday, March 31st - Sunday, April 3rd & Saturday, April 9th ​​- Sunday, April 10th 15:00-19:00

Regarding the cancellation of Kayo Saito's visit to Japan Due to the worsening situation in Ukraine, all flights between London and Tokyo have been canceled until April 19th, and Ms. Saito's visit to the gallery has been cancelled. We are sorry for those who were looking forward to it, but we have prepared a lot of works for this two-person exhibition, so we hope you will come and see it.

*Date and time of the artist's presence in the gallery are subject to change without notice. Please check MIN GALLERY's instagram for the latest information.

kayo saito/ Kayo Saito After graduating from the Royal College of Art, a national art university in London,
A Japanese designer based in the UK who has won various awards.
Inspired by the vitality and fragility of natural and organic materials,
He presents sculptural works that exude delicacy like no other.

yumiko miyahama / Yumiko Miyahama Born in Sendai. Became independent after working as a studio assistant.
Active as a photographer based in Tokyo.
Sublimating natural scenery into design,
While being fascinated by the way of life of our ancestors who have incorporated it into their daily lives,
Photographing crafts, food, and people from all over Japan.

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