5th Anniversary Exhibition

5th Anniversary Exhibition



We will be celebrating our 5th anniversary in October 2023.

During the pandemic, the gallery was closed for about two and a half years.
The fact that we were able to hold 33 special exhibitions by September 2023 is
This is a gift to our gallery, and we are deeply grateful.

At the 34th 5th Anniversary Exhibition,
Among the works created from a variety of materials such as metal, bamboo, wood, and minerals,
The focus will be on the search for the beauty of ``the wonder of balance.''

For the past five years, MIN GALLERY has been in the field of jewelry and crafts.
It has carved its own footprint.

We will continue to share wonderful moments through new exhibitions.
We hope you look forward to it.

I am looking forward to seeing you from the bottom of my heart.

*You can also see new works by Kanna Oshiro and Toru Hatsuda.

| Exhibition artist
kayo saito, Katsunori Kobayashi, Koji Takuma, Toru Hatsuta, Leen Heyne, Canna Oshiro, TOMOKO FURUSAWA, Kazuto Yoshikawa, Mei Aoyama, Kazuto Kameda by PEANUTS MINERALS, Rudi Sand (New) etc...

Wednesday, October 18th 17:00 - 20:00
This will be a small gathering with catering and drinks for all the artists.
Anyone is welcome to visit the gallery, so please come and visit us.

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