kayo saito Exhibition with yosuke fujii


Special exhibition “Wear”

2023. 12.7 thu.- 14 thu.
12:00-18:00 (*until 17:00 on the last day) *We will be open throughout the exhibition period.

We will be holding a special exhibition "Wear" by jewelry artist Kayo Saito and artist Yosuke Fujii.

These two people capture the ephemeral beauty and strength of the natural world from their own unique perspectives, and create a world through their respective expressions.

The jewelry created by Kayo Saito is a work that captures the subtle beauty hidden in nature into the delicate form of metal.
Nature's infinite variations and moment-by-moment changes,
It is grasped and reconstructed in physical form through the wearer's body.

On the other hand, Yosuke Fujii sublimates the sense of nature into visual art.
His hand-painted works depict things such as the shining summer sun and incense, and the clean light of winter.
Capturing sensations and memories in a single piece of cloth, he appeals to people's senses through his works.

In this exhibition, viewers will be able to experience
There are works that allow you to feel the gentle yet stimulating evolution of nature by ``wearing'' it.
Please listen to the deep and sincere dialogue with nature created by these two artists.

We sincerely look forward to your visit.

Thursday, December 7th 17:00 - 19:00
An opening reception will be held with the two artists.
This is an opportunity for you to relax and chat while enjoying the catering provided by chef Ayako Ito.
Anyone is welcome to come and visit us.

| Artist's gallery:
Kayo Saito|All days 15:00-18:00
Yosuke Fujii|December 7, 9, 14 13:00-17:00


Kayo Saito
After graduating from the Royal College of Art, a national art university in London, he is a Japanese designer based in the UK who has won various awards. Inspired by the vitality and transience of natural and organic objects, he creates sculptural works that exude a unique delicacy. The brooch created in 2023 is attracting worldwide attention and is included in the public collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A).
Instagram @kayosaitojewellery

Yosuke Fujii yosuke fujii
Born in 1987. After graduating from St. Martin's School of Art in London, England, he spent several years living in various parts of Europe. After returning to Japan, he worked at an art gallery and then launched a brand. She designs dresses for clients in the imperial family, business world, and entertainment world.
Instagram @yosukefujii0108
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