Tokyo Bamboo Art Festival 2019


Basket and flower exhibition

2019.9.12 thu. -15 sun. & 9.19 thu. -22 sun.
13:00 - 19:00
During exhibitions, business days are Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

In recent years, Japanese bamboo crafts have become increasingly popular as exhibitions are held at museums both domestically and internationally.
The exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art the year before last attracted approximately 450,000 visitors.

This year, the exhibition will tour Japan and open at the National Museum of Modern Art from September 13, 2019.
The Tokyo Bamboo Art Festival 2019, which is linked to this exhibition, will be held at 22 galleries in and around Tokyo.
MIN jewelry & crafts will be sponsoring an exhibition titled "Basket and Flower Exhibition".

Flower stylist Kazumi Hirai will add seasonal flowers to the flower baskets on display.
In addition, he has been involved in Issey Miyake's Paris Fashion Week and jewelry production for Tina Lutz.
We will also be able to hold a special exhibition of the masterpieces of Kosuge Shochikudo, who has many fans overseas.
You can also see everyday tools made by bamboo craftsman Toru Hatsuda.

We hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy bamboo crafts with a modern beauty.


✏︎Bamboo crafts collector Masamitsu Saito In addition to collecting bamboo crafts, he actively proposes works to museums in Japan and abroad, coordinates and promotes exhibitions, and gives advice to collectors. In addition to contributing to the Iizuka Rokansai and Lloyd Kotzen Collection exhibitions, he has also been involved in planning the ``Bamboo Basket'' edition of NHK's ``Tsubo of Beauty'' and numerous publications.

✏︎Flower stylist Kazumi Hirai
Hosted by ikanika. We are proposing ``everyday flowers'' that will bring you closer to flowers. Based at Café Ikanika in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, we hold "Flower Meetings" and "Lease Classes." In addition to styling for magazines, she also appears on radio programs. Her publications include ``Flower Styling Book'' (Kawade Shobo Shinsha), ``Bouquets and Wreaths'' (Shufu to Tomosha), ``Flowers that suit your lifestyle'' (Chikyumaru Tennen Seikatsu Books), and many others.

✏︎Toru Hatsuda Creates works that give a sense of “modern” time, centered around bamboo crafts. He has been selected for the East Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition for two years in a row, and his work ``Sensuji Seiki'' is in the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.


2019.9.14 sat. 17:00 - 20:00
On the day of the reception, bamboo craft collector Masamitsu Saito, flower stylist Kazumi Hirai,
Bamboo craftsman Toru Hatsuda will also be in the gallery.
Anyone is welcome to attend, so please take advantage of this opportunity.
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