Toru Hatsuta Exhibition


Solo exhibition “Soil Fumi”

2023.3.23 thu. - 26 sun & 3.30 thu. - 4.2 sun.
12:00-18:00 (*Until 17:00 on the last day)

We are pleased to announce the fourth solo exhibition by bamboo craftsman Toru Hatsuda.
Mr. Hatsuda's new work breathes new life into the white bamboo and sooty bamboo that lived from the Edo period to the present day.

As we spend five years and ten years together, we have a lineup of items that you can admire as they change in expression.

This time, we will also have an installation called "Nageire" by flower artist Shiho Yokogawa, and a limited quantity of moon peach tea from "REAL PLANTS", a weed-derived product supervised by Yoko Kawashima, a plant researcher living in Okinawa. I will do it.

Please enjoy the occasional brilliance of life that has arrived at the gallery with the arrival of spring.


Sooty bamboo on white bamboo From the Edo period to the present day, each bamboo carries the memory of the soil of the era in which it lived.The shape of bamboo nurtured in the soil changes over the course of five years and ten years.

I hope you can find the meaning of each moment, just as you reread the Fumi that has arrived from the soil.

Toru Hatsuda


| Reception Party
Saturday, March 25th 13:00-18:00
13:30-14:30 Hanabito Shiho Yokogawa Installation
15:00-18:00 Moon peach tea and sweets will be available. Everyone is welcome to participate, so please take this opportunity to come and visit us.

| Artist's gallery
Thursday, March 23rd - Sunday, March 26th, Thursday, March 30th, Saturday, April 1st 12:00-15:00
*On Saturday, March 25th, the gallery will be open from 12:00 to 18:00.


Toru Hatsuta / Toru Hatsuda Following the techniques and aesthetics of traditional bamboo crafts, he creates works that evoke a sense of "modern" time, centering on tea ceremony utensils. Selected for the East Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition for two years in a row, and his work ``Sensuji Moriki'' is included in the National Gallery of Victoria. Many exhibits at home and abroad.
Instagram @toruhatsuta

Shiho Yokokawa / Shiho Yokokawa Born in Tokyo. We host "Nageire Flower Classrooms" in various locations including Omotesando and Kagurazaka, as well as Kyoto. He is also in charge of arranging flowers for Michelin-starred restaurants such as Kagurazaka Ishikawa, Imperial Hotel Toraguro, and Sushi Yoshitake, as well as antique art stores.
Instagram @shiho_yokokawa

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