Toru Hatsuta初田 徹

伝統的な竹籠の技術と美意識に倣いつつ、日用の道具・茶の道具・竹工芸の造形作品を軸に、“現代”という時間を感じる作品を制作。東日本伝統工芸展を2年連続入選、メルボルンのヴィクトリア国立美術館に作品 『千筋盛器』を収蔵している。

Taking cue from the traditional techniques of making bamboo bag, and from the classical sense of beauty, Toru Hatsuta creates artworks in which you can feel atmosphere of modern times, based on the designs of tools for everyday use, traditional Japanese tea wear, and formative artworks of bamboo handicrafts. He won at Eastern Japan traditional craft contest for the second year in a row. Also his work “SENSUJIMORIKI” is in storage at National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.