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MIN GALLERY will be exhibiting at Art Fair Tokyo 2024, which will be held at the Tokyo International Forum for three days from March 8th (Friday) to March 10th (Sunday), 2024.

"Art Fair Tokyo" is the largest art fair in Japan and the oldest in Asia. This is the 18th time that more than 156 galleries and art dealers from more than 36 cities in Japan and overseas will be participating, bringing together everything from ancient art to masterpieces by deceased artists, as well as works by contemporary artists that open up the era. .

At MIN GALLERY, we will introduce Kayo Saito, a British-based jewelry artist who continues to create sculptural works, and a precious stone sculptor who combines modern sensibilities with traditional techniques handed down from ancient times to create new works. We will introduce works that combine the creator's unwavering worldview, centering on Koji Takuma, a traditional craftsman who takes a unique approach.

Exhibiting artist introduction

Koji Takuma / Koji Takuma Traditional craftsman of Koshu crystal precious stone work. As a precious stone sculptor, he combines a modern sensibility with traditional techniques handed down from ancient times, and is constantly releasing new works that utilize the characteristics of stones and combine them with metal processing. This time, we will be showing off 14 new works of straight glass "garden" made from crystals from around the world.

kayo saito / Kayo Saito After graduating from the Royal College of Art, a national art university in London, a Japanese designer based in the UK who has won various awards. Inspired by the vitality and ephemerality of natural and organic objects, he creates sculptural works that exude a unique delicacy. At the venue, you can also see the latest work that takes a new approach, where soft gold petals are made even more beautiful by the light reflected off the cool marble.

Namiko Kitaura
After graduating from the University of the Arts London at the top of his class, he gained experience as the first Japanese photographer to be sponsored at FABRICA, an artist-in-residence sponsored by Benetton, and worked throughout Europe. Utilizing my own experience of interacting with people and cultures in a multicultural and multiethnic environment and learning various values, I continue to create works with themes of ``time'' and ``beauty.'' This time we will explore the question of what it means to be beautiful, explore new ways of understanding and value beauty, and explore the true beauty that exists in imperfection and imbalance. This work captures flowers that express "diverse beauty."

Rudi Sand
German goldsmith. After many years of making jewelry, we have perfected our unique technique for folding precious metals. Using only high-purity metals such as 22K gold and platinum, the piece has a silk-like smoothness and softness that can be called an art form. This is a rare item that can only be seen here in Japan.

*At the venue, we will also have the latest works by Canna Oshiro, which shine with the traditional technique of ``hand polishing'' from Yamanashi and Kofu. We do not have any exhibits in our booth, so if you would like to take a look, please feel free to ask our staff.

Some of the works exhibited this time are also introduced below.
MIN GALLERY Art works | https://artfairtokyo.com/exhibitors/4663

<Koji Takuma>

〈kayo saito〉

〈Namiko Kitaura〉

<Rudi Sand>

<Canna Oshiro>

"MIN GALLERY" will be exhibited at "Booth C009" in the "Crossing" section of the B1F Lobby Gallery, which is free to visit. Anyone can visit this section without making reservations in advance, so please come and visit us.

If you wish to view the "Galleries" section of the main venue, you will need to purchase tickets in advance (online reservations only), which requires a date and time specification.For more information, please check the official website below.

Art Fair Tokyo 2024
Place: Tokyo International Forum B1F Lobby Gallery Booth C009
Add: 3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
Date: March 8th (Friday) – 10th (Sunday), 2024
Opening hours:
Thursday, March 7th 11:00–19:00 *Invitation day
March 8th (Fri) 11:00–19:00 / March 9th (Sat) 11:00–19:00 / March 10th (Sun) 11:00–17:00
URL: https://artfairtokyo.com/

*The "Galleries" section will be open by invitation only on the 7th (Thursday), but you can freely enter the "Crossing" section where the MIN GALLERY booth is located on this day.

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