FUA accessory x THE YARD Exhibition

FUA accessory x THE YARD Exhibition

2021.7.8 thu. - 11 sun. & 7.15 thu. - 18 sun.
12:00 - 19:00
During this exhibition, business days are Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Based on the concept of "weaving time",
Each item is handmade using crochet using gold and silver threads.
Accessory brand “FUA accessory” and
With the theme of "Kimonos that create a new daily life that can be worn like a white shirt",
Born from Yamato Co., Ltd., which has a history of 103 years.
We will be holding a special exhibition of "THE YARD".

This exhibition will feature standard products from FUA accessories, as well as
Items that can be used as haori strings and bracelets made for THE YARD
We will introduce a wide variety of works.
Also from THE YARD,
Please prepare a half-width sash or obidome.

Please enjoy the beautiful harmony of both brands.

✏︎ FUA accessory An accessory brand that creates crocheted ultra-fine gold and silver threads based on the concept of "weaving time." From everyday use to bridal wear, we offer accessories that will accompany you during your precious moments.

✏︎ THE YARD / The Yard A new brand born from Yamato Co., Ltd., which has a history of nearly 100 years, with the theme of ``kimonos that create a new everyday life that can be worn like a white shirt.'' Aiming for a new "kimono culture" that blends into modern lifestyles and culture, we breathe new life into the world of kimonos while valuing the tradition and charm of kimonos that can only be realized in "Japan."

—About the appointment system on the first day—
We expect the opening day, July 8th (Thursday) to be crowded, so reservations will be required.
We have listed the reservation method below, so please take a look.

♦︎Reservation start date and time: July 1st (Thursday) 10:00 AM~
♦︎Reservation method: info@min-gallery.jp
*We will only accept applications by email.
Please include your name, reservation time, and contact information below.

Reservation time:
1) 12:00-12:50
2) 13:00-13:50
3) 14:00-14:50
4) 15:00-15:50
5) 16:00-16:50
6) 17:00-17:50
7) 18:00-18:50

*Entry will be limited to 4 groups each time for 50 minutes (up to 2 people per group)

We look forward to seeing you.
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