TARO HAMANO exhibition

2018.12.13. thu -16.sun / 20. thu - 25. tue
During exhibitions, business days are Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

MIN jewelry & crafts will be holding a solo exhibition by textile artist Taro Hamano.
On the first day, there will be a reception party with the artist, so please come and take advantage of this opportunity.
*Anyone can come.

Reception party: 12.13 thu 17:00 - 20:00 (in the artist's gallery)
Artist in the gallery: 12.13 thu / 14.fri / 15.sat


By adding one thread and one color, the world continues to expand and change.

Fragments of colors and shapes scattered in past memories are constantly moving and flowing.
Layering it in warp and weft and weaving it,
It may be similar to playing music.

The “cloth” that is woven in this way is
You can wear it, hang it, or spread it freely.

We hope that this ``cloth'' will enrich your life as a comfortable presence.

Taro Hamano


✏︎ Taro Hamano
After gaining experience as an illustrator and painter, she entered the world of hand-weaving. In pursuit of a unique style of layering colors, he is constantly exploring new and unique techniques and presenting paintings-like works that fuse fashion, art, and traditional crafts.

After working as illustrator and painter, Taro Hamano entered the world of hand weave. In order to pursue unique style of adding colors in layers, he always seeks for new and original technique, and presents artwork like a painting which is drawn by mixing up essence of fashion, art and the Japanese traditional crafts.
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