TARO HAMANO Exhibition

13:00-19:00 Until 17:00 on the last day

We will be holding a solo exhibition by Taro Hamano, a textile artist who continues to present his works in pursuit of a unique style of layering colors.

Taro Hamano's works are
It starts with creating the thread itself.

Thread making is something that the artist himself continues to face and challenge.
The wool, cashmere, silk, etc. that I have collected with my own eyes.
A thread is created by twisting various threads,
It has a unique warmth and strength.

Use a brush to remove color from the twisted threads.
By weaving them, the depth of the overlapping colors expands,
Sometimes deep shades and patterns appear unexpectedly.

“The scenery I see is changing from before.”

In this solo exhibition, this new visible landscape is projected.
We will be showing off a number of new works.

Please look forward to Taro Hamano's new challenges, from large stoles that you want to wear softly to casual scrolls.

TARO HAMANO After working as an illustrator and painter, he entered the world of hand-weaving.
In order to pursue a unique style of layering colors, we are constantly searching for new and unique techniques.
He presents paintings-like works that fuse fashion, art, and traditional crafts.

|Artist in the gallery Date and time: 11.18thu. 13:00~ /11.20sat. 14:00~
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