Small Pieces – Yoi Iniki × Yosuke Fujii Exhibition

2022.4.14 thu. - 4.17 sun & 4.21 thu. - 24 sun.
13:00-19:00 (*until 5pm on the last day only)

Yoi Iniki is a jewelry brand based in Waimea, a small town at the foot of the mountains in the southern part of Kauai, and they offer dresses and stoles that are hand-painted one by one, inspired by colors and shapes that have existed since the beginning of recorded history. We are holding a two-person exhibition by artist Yosuke Fujii.

After a long winter, small things begin to sprout all at once.

Thinking about how it would be filled with fresh vitality, I created a pure form using materials created by nature.

Gold and silk, seemingly contradictory things,
It all started in one place

May all living things in this world be at peace.

Yoi Iniki / Yosuke Fujii

We hope that you will take a look at the world view contained in the messages of these two men, as well as the small works that exist as a tangible form of that worldview. I am looking forward to seeing you from the bottom of my heart.

| Artist in the gallery Date and time: April 16th (Sat) / 23rd (Sat) 13:00-19:00

Nave day event ◆Yoi Iniki
We offer semi-custom orders with different materials and stones, semi-custom orders with necklaces and bracelets made in lengths tailored to the customer, and designs for Yoi Iniki's representative KATAKANA series.

◆Yosuke Fujii
We will draw your initials on the item you purchase on the spot.

Profile ✏︎ Yoi Iniki / Yoi Iniki
A jewelry brand founded in 2015 by sisters Yoi Kojima and Noi Kojima based in Waimea, a small town at the foot of the mountains in the southern part of Kauai. Fine jewelry using diamonds and black pearls is characterized by organic forms expressed within simple shapes.

✏︎ Yosuke Fujii / Yosuke Fujii
Born in 1987. After graduating from St. Martin's School of Art in London, England, he spent several years living in various parts of Europe. After returning to Japan, he worked at an art gallery and then launched a brand. She designs dresses for clients in the imperial family, business world, and entertainment world.

Small Pieces
Yoi Iniki × Yosuke Fujii Exhibition
Date: April 14th (Thursday) - April 17th (Sunday) & April 21st (Thursday) - April 24th (Sunday), 2022
13:00-19:00 (until 17:00 on the last day)
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