Ripple – mariko tsuchiyama with Yoko Yamafuji Exhibition

Ripple – mariko tsuchiyama with Yoko Yamafuji Exhibition

2023.2.2 thu. - 5 sun & 2.9 thu. - 12 sun.
12:00-18:00 (*Until 17:00 on the last day)

We will be holding a two-person exhibition featuring perfumer Yoko Yamafuji in an exhibition of new works by jewelry designer Mariko Tsuchiyama, who brings the beauty of Japanese cultured pearls to the world.

The theme is "Ripple", which draws an unwavering circle but disappears in an instant.
Capturing important scenes and moments that pass by in the blink of an eye and spilling out of memory,
A number of jewelry works that seem to be spinning into the future.

Please spend a rich time with the special scent distilled with inspiration from “Ripple”.

*During the period, botanical perfume “SCENT OF YORK.” by Mr. Yamafuji will also be on sale.

<Reception Party>
●February 2nd (Thursday) 17:00-20:00
We invited Mariko Tsuchiyam and Yoko Yamafuji,
Miho Mizoguchi of the confectionery shop Kokonono will be able to have a chat with you while enjoying the confections created with this event in mind.
We will be holding a small party.
Anyone is welcome to participate, so please take this opportunity to come and visit us.

<About the artist's gallery>
●Mariko Tsuchiyama Date and time in the gallery
Thursday, February 2nd 14:00-20:00

●Yoko Yamafuji in the gallery & special event “Distilled Class” Date and time
Thursday, February 2nd 14:00-20:00
February 4th (Sat), 5th (Sun), 11th (Sat), 12th (Sun) 14:00-17:00
*You can try “Distillation Class” for free.

While enjoying the aroma designed by Mr. Yamafuji and fruit brandy from the medicinal herb garden distillery mitosaya,
``Distillation class'', a shop where you can enjoy the layered combination of alcohol and fragrance, is open for a limited time only.

Reservations are given priority, so please see below for details.

●Reservation start date and time: Wednesday, January 25th from 12:00 PM
●How to make a reservation:
*We will only accept applications by email. Please let us know about ① to ④ below.

①Name ②Contact information ③Date of visit: February 2nd (Thursday), 4th (Saturday), 5th (Sunday), 11th (Saturday), 12th (Sunday) ④Reservation time : 14:00-15:00 / 15:00-16:00 / 16:00-17:00 *Only 4 groups (up to 2 people per group) will be allowed in each time.

About distillation class

Working with Hiroshi Eguchi of the Herb Garden Distillery mitosaya, who trained in Germany to create aromatic distilled spirits made from fruit trees and plants, we discovered essential oils while pursuing a comfortable lifestyle.
Yoko Yamafuji of SCENT OF YORK.

This is Distilling Class, a shop where two people with a ``distillation fetish'' wanted to one day create a place where adults could just drop in and just enjoy the experience of distillation.

Reward yourself for completing a task on a day when you suddenly stop.

Experience the adult pleasure of layering sake and aroma while facing and savoring the scent.


Mariko Tsuchiyama
Born in Nagasaki Prefecture. After graduating from university, she moved to Tokyo and while working in fashion, she developed a desire for a more creative production career and moved to England. After learning the basics of jewelry at a design school in London, she launched her own brand, ``Mariko Tsuchiyama.'' Currently, he has a studio in the seaside town of Brighton where he works.
Instagram @marikotsuchiyama

Yoko Yamafuji Yoko Yamafuji
YORK. Representative Lifestyle Coordinator Perfumer Launched YORK. as a lifestyle proposal based on the theme of "feeling good." With the theme of quality and comfortable living and way of life, he is involved in brand consulting, product planning and development, spatial design of facilities and product design as a perfumer, and perfumery for stage production. Appointment-based salon "HEIGHTS" opens in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo. 2021 perfume brand SCENT OF YORK. Debut.
Instagram @heights_yokoyamafuji
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