MISUI NEW exhibition

MISUI NEW exhibition

2019.4.23 tue. - 27 sat.
2019.4.23 tue. - 25 thu. for PRESS & BUYER only
4.26 fri. 2019.4.26 fri. 27 sat.for ALL *Anyone is welcome to visit.

An exhibition of MISUI, a contemporary fine jewelry brand from Barcelona, ​​Spain, was held.

Designs created by contemporary artists active in the jewelry world,
MISUI jewelry, including gem-cut Moonsteiner, is made using world-class technology.
It is a rare item that coexists with modern beauty and new value as a jewel.

Spain, a country of art that has produced many original artists since ancient times, is proud of
Don't miss this opportunity to see the culmination of a modern, sophisticated approach to jewelry.

*For buyers, priority will be given to appointments.
*“MISUI” products will be permanently displayed at MIN jewelry & crafts even after the exhibition ends.
*New Jewelry Associates is
From April 2019, I became an agent for the jewelry brand "MISUI".


✏︎ About MISUI

``MISUI'' is the in-house brand of ``Unión Suiza,'' a long-established high jewelry brand watch manufacturer in Barcelona, ​​Spain, which has a history of 179 years.

The current owner, Davi Bendrell, is the sixth generation of the founding family, the Bendrell family.
As a cutting-edge approach that respects the history and tradition of jewelry in Catalonia, Spain,
It was established with Joanne Gomis as the project director.

In addition to the designs that embody the modern value of gemstones and jewelry through outstanding technology,
As a sustainable initiative that strives to be environmentally friendly and to train jewelry technicians,
It has become even more popular in recent years.


Project director: Joan Gomis
The project director in charge of MISUI's value and creativity is Joan Gomis, who holds the titles of gemstone appraiser and opal expert, and is also the director of the design department of JORGC, the association of jewelers and appraisers in Catalonia. )is. Joanne Gomis has focused on artists who are active as individuals, and has comprehensively edited three areas: artists, crafts, and facilities, while searching for techniques and equipment that can utilize their designs and creativity. All creative activities are carried out by jewelry designers and craftsmen who are brought together based on this vision and philosophy. The core of this brand is to edit and build all the events and people related to jewelry.

Creative director: Marc Monzó
The designer behind MISUI is Marc Monzó, who is known as one of the leading figures in Spain's contemporary jewelry world. Marc Monzo has participated in many exhibitions held by galleries and museums in Spain and abroad. He is also an international jewelry designer and artist, having received the Catalan Jewelers' Association Design Category Award in 2006 and the Francoise van den Bosch Award 2016 in recognition of his career and achievements as a jewelry artist. MISUI's innovative ideas are brought to life by a worldwide design team led by Marc Monzo.
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