13:00-19:00 Until 17:00 on the last day

We have a studio in the UK,
We will be holding Japan's first solo exhibition by MARIKO TSUCHIYAMA, an artist who brings out the beauty of traditional Japanese cultured pearls to the world.

MARIKO TSUCHIYAMA spent her childhood in Nagasaki.
I have been visiting pearl farming since I was a child, and have been fascinated by its rich nature.
It is said that he became fascinated by the mysterious brilliance of pearls.

Her works are minimally designed, preserving the natural appearance of pearls.

Naturally occurring nuts and seeds, while preserving the rainbow colors of pearls.
By gently adding designs inspired by shells, branches, etc.
The result is a poetic piece with a sense of melancholy.

As if following the steps of MARIKO TSUCHIYAMA,
The providence and beauty of nature layered in many layers in a small work.

A variety of pieces of jewelry that move your heart are now being delivered across the ocean.

Born in Nagasaki Prefecture. After graduating from university, I moved to Tokyo and worked in fashion, etc.
Desperate to pursue a more creative production career, he moved to England.
After learning the basics of jewelry at a design school in London, she launched her own brand, MARIKO TSUCHIYAMA.
Currently, he has a studio in the seaside town of Brighton where he works.

|Date and time when the artist is in the gallery: 12.18 sat. 13:00-17:00 /12.19 sun. 13:00-15:00
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