Ground – TORU HATSUTA Exhibition

2021. 4.8 thu.- 11 sun. & 4.15 thu.- 18 sun.
During exhibitions, business days are Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

We will be holding a solo exhibition “Ground” by bamboo craft artist Toru Hatsuda.

Mr. Hatsuda's work features the supple curves of bamboo that reveal its vitality,
It makes you feel that time has been layered over and over again.

In this exhibition, we will be introducing tea utensils from Nodate, as well as soot bamboo tea scoops, sweets cutters, and flower baskets.
Please take a look at Toru Hatsuda, who continues to maintain his focus on his origins while moving between tradition and modernity.


I also want people to see my work.

But right now, I just want to see beautiful bamboo and beautiful flowers.
A vessel for flowers, a utensil for tea, and my heart exists for that purpose.
This is the normal order. Return the top and bottom, which tend to turn upside down, to keep them equally flat.
Ground for that purpose.

Toru Hatsuda

✏︎ TORU HATSUTA / Toru Hatsuta While following the traditional techniques and aesthetics of bamboo baskets, he creates works that give a sense of ``modern'' time, centering on everyday utensils, tea utensils, and bamboo crafts. Selected for the East Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition for two consecutive years, and his work ``Sensuji Moriki'' is stored in the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.
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