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It begins with a commitment to the future, and while observing each other's changes, we build a relationship where we can give and be given.

Only the two of us can feel there,
Something certain is being accumulated.

For the two of us who are about to start,
For the two of us who have spent several seasons together.
An encounter with a ring that accompanies the passing flow of time.

– MIN jewelry & crafts

At MIN Jewelry & Crafts' first ever ``BRIDAL Fair,'' we will be showcasing everything from engagement rings with unique diamonds to minimally designed wedding rings created by domestic and international designers.


``MISUI'' is the in-house brand of ``Unión Suiza,'' a long-established high jewelry brand watch manufacturer in Barcelona, ​​Spain, which has a history of 179 years. Designed by contemporary artists active in the jewelry world and made using world-class technology, these pieces are rare in that they coexist with modern beauty and new value as jewelry.

-bridal concept: Rings created by contemporary artists active in the jewelry world, including Marc Monzo, Estela Guitart, Felix Lindner, and Marta Bohan. We have a reputation for jewelry that can be enjoyed for a long time as a fashion ring, such as wedding rings designed with new interpretations of traditional elements that are rich in the symbolic meaning of marriage, and engagement rings with sparkling original cut diamonds.

Based on the concept of "extraordinary items that are one step ahead of the everyday," MIN jewelry & crafts mainly introduces contemporary fine jewelry created by overseas artists and works by contemporary craft artists who are responsible for Japanese traditional culture and techniques. . "MIN" is the gallery's original bridal collection.

-bridal concept: Even though it has a simple form such as a circle or square, you can choose the base metal and the thickness of the ring, so you can create a wide variety of combinations. The minimalist series, each carefully finished by a craftsman, is popular with both men and women.

We are a jewelry brand that creates contemporary pieces by combining unexpected materials with traditional craftsmanship. His unique style corresponds to the way people live their lives, unbound by preconceived notions and true to their own aesthetic sense. The brand name embodies the desire to hold such "seekers of freedom" in the chain of "SIRI SIRI."

-bridal concept: Inspired by the circle that spreads on the surface of water, the ring is available in four designs, expressing the rhythm and vibrations that are created when two people get married and resonate with each other. In addition to the four geometric forms that are extremely simple yet evoke the brand's natural beauty, you can also choose from four denominations and two finishes. Of course, we recommend matching them, but we also recommend that the two of you enjoy different designs.

A brand founded by designer Atsushi Tomimatsu based on the concept of "design that affects the heart." “Jewelry is a pure decoration and has no physical function.It can be said that people have learned the effect that jewelry has on their hearts. We create jewelry that reflects the scenes around us that are becoming difficult to perceive, and that serves as a vessel for people's thoughts.Jewelry symbolizes the values ​​of people living in that era.Through jewelry, DAN TOMIMATSU ``What is the true value of the world?'' says Tomimatsu.

-bridal concept: “BESPEAK - A ring that shares your daily life like no other.” A one-of-a-kind ring that will be an irreplaceable part of your everyday life is created by skilled craftsmen. BESPEAK is derived from the present tense of the word BESPOKE, which means fully custom-made.By measuring the size of two people's fingers, you can consider the size, width, and denomination of the color that blends well with your skin. We are reconstructing and proposing a wonderful custom-made culture to fit current values.

Ima is a design office co-led by Kyo Kobayashi and Mana Kobayashi. We mainly handle store design for restaurants and retail stores, but we also handle a wide range of products, residential architecture, and exhibition venue configurations. We create concepts that take advantage of the location and brand, pursue designs that incorporate a sense of balance and humor while improving ease of use and functionality, and create happy space designs that skillfully incorporate colors and materials. It is also used in products, homes, hotels, kindergartens, etc. Their bridal collection is called "ima".

-bridal concept: The concept is “grow”. “Married life changes at each turning point. From two people living together, to three people living with children, two people celebrating five years, ten years, and so on. Adding a different shaped ring to the anniversary changes things. This is a ring that will grow with the years you spend together. It is made of 18k gold and platinum, accented with semicircular, triangular, and square shapes. If you choose a semicircle, you can put two together to make a perfect circle, and if you combine a triangle and a square, it will become a house shape, so it is a pairing that can express the individuality of two people depending on how they are combined.''Kyo Kobayashi and Mana Kobayashi speaks.

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