Canna Oshiro


After working as an assistant of prop and decorations for commercial films, Canna Oshiro studied under Yukio Shimizu who is the first class gem polisher/cutter, and creates loose by the traditional technique of “tesuri” being inherited in Kofu district. Concentrating on to expressing dynamics and randomness of the work by human hand, facet produced by the unique rhymes educes natural taste of gem which is different from the one from the conventional stylized cut.

Kazuto Yoshikawa吉川 和人


After graduating from Keio University Faculty of Business and Commerce, and building his career at Cassina ixc., he started to learn the basics of woodworking technique and Japanese forest culture Kazuto Yoshikawa presented many uniquely designed works of art, educing lures and soft atmosphere of lives that only natural material possesses.

Koji Takuma詫間 康二


Koji Takuma is a traditional craftsperson of “Koushu crystal craftsmanship”. As gem sculptor, he has both modern sense and traditional techniques transmitted from old times. Utilizing characteristic of gemstone, and also combining his style with metal processing technique, he successively presents new craft works.

Masamitsu Saito斎藤 正光


Masamitsu Saito is the collector of bamboo handicraft. Not only collecting bamboo handicrafts, but he also makes proposal on pieces of his artwork to the museums in the country and abroad. He coordinates and promotes exhibitions, and aggressively gives advices to collectors.He made efforts to the preparation of the exhibition of the collections of “Roukansai iizuka” and “Lloyd Cotsen”, and also engaged in planning many publications and TV shows such as “Bamboo bag” and “Bi no tsubo” of NHK.



After working as illustrator and painter, Taro Hamano entered the world of hand weave. In order to pursue unique style of adding colors in layers, he always seeks for new and original technique, and presents artwork like a painting which is drawn by mixing up essence of fashion, art and the Japanese traditional crafts.


Toru Hatsuta初田 徹

伝統的な竹籠の技術と美意識に倣いつつ、日用の道具・茶の道具・竹工芸の造形作品を軸に、“現代”という時間を感じる作品を制作。東日本伝統工芸展を2年連続入選、メルボルンのヴィクトリア国立美術館に作品 『千筋盛器』を収蔵している。

Taking cue from the traditional techniques of making bamboo bag, and from the classical sense of beauty, Toru Hatsuta creates artworks in which you can feel atmosphere of modern times, based on the designs of tools for everyday use, traditional Japanese tea wear, and formative artworks of bamboo handicrafts. He won at Eastern Japan traditional craft contest for the second year in a row. Also his work “SENSUJIMORIKI” is in storage at National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.